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Multi Co-Extruder
Equipment Introduction
Multi Co-Extruder
Multirow Encrusting Machine(6 to 14row)

It is made from a Single Dough Divider and Punch Rounder.

It is an Encrusting machine, which can be used for mass production mainly of confectionery products. such as soft filling cookies, mosaic cookies, etc. Double filling product is also available using option.


This machine is ideal for cookie production. There are 3 types of standard model to fit with oven band width (800, 1000 and 1,200mm wide).

Combination of dough/filling and optional devices create your own products. The maximum capacity of the standard model (14 rows) is 100,800 pieces per hour.

Belt width 800mm type
6-row model 43,200pcs./h
九行模型 64,800pcs./h
Belt width 1000mm type
8-row model 57,600pcs./h
12-row model 86,400pcs./h
Belt width 1200mm type
10-row model 72,000pcs./h
14-row model 100,800pcs./h